Pre-conference workshops

Pre-Conference Workshops

Date: Wednesday, 26 July 2017
Time: 09:00 – 17:00
Venue: Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre

Workshop 1: End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) – Geriatric
Co-organized by the Department of Nursing, National Cancer Centre Singapore

Workshop 2: Psychosocial Workshop – Building Compassionate Cities

Workshop 3: Paediatric Palliative Care

Workshop 4: Research Workshop: Building the Evidence for Care

Workshop 5: Workshop in Mandarin: What’s New in Palliative Care in the Asia Pacific Region



Workshop 1: End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) – Geriatric


  • Dr Betty Ferrell
  • Prof Judith A Paice
  • Prof Kim Hyun Sook
  • APN Stella Goh

Who Should Attend?

Nurses working with older adults across different healthcare settings.


The End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) project is a national education initiative in USA to improve palliative care through education. During the 16 years of this project, over 20,700 nurses and other healthcare professionals, representing all 50 states, plus 88 international countries have received ELNEC training.

The ELNEC-Geriatric curriculum addresses the specific educational needs of nurses who provide care to elderly patients facing life threatening illness in various settings.

Topics include: roles of the nurse in caring for older adults nearing the end-of-life; pain and symptom assessment and management; ethical issues; communication; loss, grief and bereavement; final hours of life; and achieving quality improvement.

Unique features of the course include a focused module on geriatric palliative care that elaborates on physiologic changes in older adults, medications and chronic conditions using a person-centred approach. Geriatric syndromes are integrated across all 9 modules. A plethora of patient and family education materials and evidence-based assessment tools will be provided.

Workshop 2: Psychosocial Workshop – Building Compassionate Cities


  • Prof Allan Kellehear
  • Ms Candice Tan
  • Ms Denise Phua
  • Ms Geraldine Tan
  • Dr Gillian Koh
  • Dr Ivan Woo
  • Ms Lynette Ng
  • Ms Teoh Zsin Woon

(Additional speakers/discussants to be confirmed)

Who Should Attend?

Health and social care professionals, grassroots and volunteer leaders.


This workshop aims to equip participants with knowledge and skills to bring together their communities to form a compassionate society that can better meet the needs of palliative care patients and their family members. Contemporary societies with established palliative care services have within them, many compassionate communities. However, given the size of each community, the impact can be limited. In order for palliative care to flourish in societies, a civic approach is needed to bring together all the compassionate communities.

Using Singapore as the context, participants are expected to work in groups to conceptualize a plan to form a compassionate society, guided by the approach for creating compassionate cities developed by Professor Allan Kellehear.

Workshop 3: Paediatric Palliative Care


  • Asst Prof Andy Ho
  • Mrs Geraldine Tan
  • Dr Julie Hauer
  • Dr Michelle Koh

Who Should Attend?

Physicians, nurses, social workers and other allied health professionals who support children and families with palliative and end-of-life care needs.


This full day workshop focuses on best practices in the care of children with life limiting conditions, packing a rich programme that is evidence-based and original in content.

The morning’s agenda includes: comprehensive management of a severely neurologically impaired child, focusing on assessment of pain, treatment approaches to spasms, irritability, feeding intolerance; interdisciplinary management of breathlessness in neuromuscular conditions, including initiation of various ventilator devices and their ethical withdrawal at the end of life.

In the afternoon, attention shifts to exploring operationalization of a person and family centred care model in palliative care for children, with the goal of optimising quality of life in the face of progressive illness. This is followed by a discourse on building a robust system to support grief and bereavement that respects cultural and other contextual factors of the setting within which the family unit is situated. A review of conceptual frameworks and recent evidence will be rendered, illustrated with real life case studies.

Workshop 4: Research Workshop: Building the Evidence for Care


  • Dr Chetna Malhotra
  • Prof David Currow
  • Prof Meera Agar
  • Prof Phyllis Butow
  • Ms Tan Woan Shin

Who Should Attend?

Students and healthcare professionals interested in developing and refining research skills in palliative care.


Research in Palliative Medicine has evolved remarkably over the last three decades, translating End of Life care into a more robust evidence-based practice, in a field which emphasizes both the “hardware” and “heartware”.

What makes research more challenging, yet interesting in Palliative Care, is the multi-disciplinary approach in the delivery of care to a group of patients with life-limiting illness. Care for these patients also transcends different discipline and settings, presenting itself with a unique set of research questions.

Through this workshop, we hope to guide the participants through the convoluted maze of research in Palliative Medicine.  Wide ranging topics delivered by our renowned speakers include:

  1. Getting started: Building blocks to starting a research programme
  2. Why you should not be afraid of a Randomised Controlled Trial
  3. Applying the right methods in palliative research: from development to evaluation to translation.
  4. Demystifying economic evaluation in studies.
  5. How to measure a good death in Palliative Care?

Participants will also have a chance to engage in small group discussions with the speakers through the “Meet the experts” and “Bring Your Own Research” (BYOR) sessions.

Workshop 5: Workshop in Mandarin: What’s New in Palliative Care in the Asia-Pacific Region


  • Dr Angel Lee (Session Chair)
  • Dr Lee Chung Seng (Session Chair)
  • Dr Shirlynn Ho (Session Chair)
  • A/Prof Amy Chow
  • A/Prof Cynthia Goh
  • Dr Fang Chun Kai
  • Dr Inda Soong
  • Dr Lam Wai Man
  • Dr Neo Han Yee
  • A/Prof Ning Xiao Hong
  • Dr Patricia Neo
  • Dr Tan Lai Yong
  • A/Prof Wang Yingwei

Who Should Attend?

Doctors, nurses, social workers or administrators interested in developing, growing and expanding their palliative medicine capabilities.


This workshop, conducted in Mandarin, and led by regional experts in palliative care, provides a platform for discussion and sharing of the latest developments in the areas of symptom control, grief and loss, palliative care service development in the Asia-Pacific region.

It will include an introductory session by A/Prof Cynthia Goh, Chair of The Asia-Pacific Hospice Network (APHN) on the history and growth of palliative care in Asia. The updates will include both physical and psychological symptoms in palliative care. Another special feature of the workshop will have palliative care leaders in the region sharing about the process of service development and setting standards and guidelines for palliative care in their respective countries.