Welcome Messages



Dear Colleagues and Friends

On behalf of the Organising Committee of the Asia Pacific Hospice Conference 2017 (APHC 2017), I am honored to invite you to participate in this unique conference. APHC 2017 is unique for two reasons. Firstly, Singapore is hosting this conference exactly 2 decades after it hosted the first hospice and palliative conference for the Asia-Pacific region in 1996. Thus it affords us all this unique opportunity to witness the work done and progress made by the member organisations of the Singapore Hospice Council (SHC) during the last two decades. Secondly, we will be celebrating 50 years of the modern hospice and palliative care movement which began with the opening of the St. Christopher’s hospice back in 1967.

“Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts” is the theme of APHC 2017. In keeping with the theme, well-known doctors, nurses and allied health practitioners from within and outside the region will be sharing their expertise and experiences during the plenary lectures, talks in the conference and five pre-conference workshops. We are sure that medical students, hospice and palliative care volunteers and others interested in this area of work will find the conference useful in enhancing their knowledge through scientific updates and discussions. Please take time to peruse the planned scientific programme of APHC 2017 for more details.

As APHC is the biennial conference of Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network (APHN), APHC 2017 will be the platform for networking of all the hospice and palliative care workers in the region, once again. It will help showcase the work done, strengthen and form new partnerships for research and cooperation within the region.

The Organising Committee comprising members of SHC and APHN have been working hard to ensure that all APHC 2017 participants will have a memorable experience in Singapore. Apart from enjoying the sights and sounds of our vibrant island city Singapore, participants will have the opportunity for hospice visits during the conference.

In short, we hope that everyone participating in APHC 2017, will say, “Shiok!*” at the end of it. I welcome you to join us and participate actively in Singapore at the APHC 2017.

With Warm Regards

Dr R Akhileswaran
Co-Chair, APHC 2017 Organizing Committee

*Shiok! (Cool, great; delicious, superb) – a Singlish (Singapore English) term recently added to the Oxford English Dictionary.



Dear Friends & Colleagues

A very warm welcome to all to join us at the 12th Asia Pacific Hospice Conference to be held in Singapore from 26 to 29 July 2017!

This conference, last held in Singapore 21 years ago, was one of the forces that helped form the Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network (APHN). In 1996 at the 2nd APHC, participants had so much fun, and valued the sharing of knowledge and experience so much that they vowed to meet again on a regular basis. They wanted to call it the Asia Pacific Hospice Families Conference, for they felt so much like one family.  I hope at this 12th APHC 2017, we would feel once more the warmth and friendship of belonging to one hospice family.

Patients and their families are the reason why we want to serve in the area of hospice palliative care. Many countries in our region have come a long way in building palliative care services and having them integrated into their healthcare systems, yet much work remains to be done in many countries of the Asia Pacific. The APHN is deeply involved in projects to build capacity in palliative care in the region, in education and in research. We hope that during this conference, there will be much sharing of ideas of different ways of doing things, learning about what is unique in each of our countries, and what we have in common.  The outcome will be better care for our patients, and encouragement for ourselves as we carry on this difficult but rewarding work.

The theme of this conference “Greater than the Sum of its Parts” reflects our aspiration to join together, and in our sharing, find that we are stronger and more greatly enriched than if we were working as individuals in isolation. This was the original intention for the formation of the APHN, as a network to link individuals and organisations working in this field.

My personal wish is for you to find not only the latest updates and knowledge at this conference, but also refreshment of body and soul as you meet with friends and like-minded people at this palliative care conference for people of Asia and the Pacific.

Welcome to Singapore!

With warmest wishes

A/Prof Cynthia Goh
Co-Chair, APHC 2017 Organising Committee &
Chair, Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network